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I am a rising final-year undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), studying Computer Science, General Linguistics and Chinese Language & Literature. Besides, I also received formal training in Logic at Tsinghua University through virtual exchange.

In the field of computer science, my primary interests lie in programming languages and algorithms. In the field of linguistics, I am particularly fascinated by formal semantics and Chinese historical phonology.

Currently, I work as a student research assistant at HKU Business School, actively participating in the development of financial data science infrastructures. In my spare time, I am also working for the MoonBit programming language, primarily involved in the development of the Programming with MoonBit: A Modern Approach public course. In the coming autumn, I will be joining Huawei Hong Kong Research Centre as a research intern in the Computational Mathematics Group of the Theory Lab.

I am an avid participant in competitive programming (CP). As a member of Provinci, the CP team of HKU, I actively participate in ICPC Asia East regional and continental contests alongside my skilled teammates.

For further details, please refer to my curriculum vitæ.