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I am a rising final-year undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), studying Computer Science, General Linguistics and Chinese Language & Literature. In the field of computer science, my primary interests lie in programming languages and algorithms. In the field of linguistics, I am particularly fascinated by formal semantics and Chinese historical phonology.

Currently, I am working as an undergraduate research fellow in programming language theory, under the supervision of Prof Bruno C d S Oliveira. In my spare time, I also work for the MoonBit programming language, primarily involved in the development of the Programming with MoonBit: A Modern Approach public course. Previously, I worked at HKU Business School, participating in the development of financial data science infrastructures.

I am an avid participant in competitive programming (CP). As a member of Provinci, the CP team of HKU, I actively participate in ICPC Asia East regional and continental contests alongside my skilled teammates.

For further details, please refer to my curriculum vitæ.