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I am a sophomore at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), majoring in Computer Science (CS), and double-minoring in General Linguistics (GL), and in Chinese Language and Literature (CLL). I am expected to graduate in 2025.

I have been a competitive programmer since junior high school, and the highly educational experience of competitive programming training has a far-reaching influence on me. Currently, I am a member of HKU ICPC/CCPC Team. In my freshman year, I participated in the ICPC Asia Shanghai Regional Contest and won a gold medal with my team.

I have a broad interest in various topics in programming languages, as well as natural languages.

For more details, please refer to my curriculum vitæ.



In accordance with the national standard of P.R. China, my given name is legally spelled “Mingtian” and initialed “M. T.”. However, in most cases, the name would be otherwise abbreviated a single letter “M.”. To avoid the contradiction, I personally use “Ming-Tian” and “M.-T.” instead.


My full name is written 楊明天 in Traditional Chinese and pronounced Yáng Míngtiān in Modern Standard Mandarin. It could also be pronounced よう めいてん in Japanese, 양명천 in Korean, and Dương Minh Thiên in Vietnamese. When addressing me in these languages, please use Sinoxenic readings instead of imitating the Mandarin pronunciation.

In a casual setting, I prefer to be called “Skylee”, which is the nickname I have used since kindergarten.

  • Although I am minoring in CLL, what I am actually studying is something like “Chinese Linguistics”. I did not take any literature-related courses.