Selected University Courses

Computer Science
Compiling Techniques
IP Prof. Lau Francis Chi Moon. HKU 2022-23 Spring
Principles of Programming Languages
IP Dr. Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira. HKU 2022-23 Spring
Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
A+ Dr. Chan Hubert Tsz Hong. HKU 2022-23 Autumn
Discrete Mathematics
A+ Dr. Chan Hubert Tsz Hong. HKU 2022-23 Autumn
Object-Oriented Programming and Java
A+ Dr. Wong Kenneth Kwan Yee. HKU 2022-23 Autumn
Modern Technologies on World Wide Web
A Prof. Wu Chuan. HKU 2022-23 Autumn
Computer Programming II
A+ Dr. Luo Ruibang; Dr. Qian Chenxiong. HKU 2021-22 Spring
Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations
A+ Dr. Zhang Xin; Dr. Chen Yue. HKU 2021-22 Spring
Electricity and Electronics
A+ Dr. Choi Hoi Wai; Dr. Hou Yunhe; Dr. Qi Xiaojuan. HKU 2021-22 Autumn
Computer Programming I
A+ Dr. Dirk Schnieders; Dr. Chui Chun Kit. HKU 2021-22 Autumn
Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics
A+ Dr. Wong Ngai; Dr. Han Guangyue. HKU 2021-22 Autumn
General Linguistics
Semantics: Meaning and Grammar
IP Dr. Lam Olivia Shi Ching. HKU 2022-23 Spring
Languages of China
IP Prof. Stephen James Matthews. HKU 2022-23 Spring
Introduction to Language
A+ Dr. Lam Olivia Shi Ching. HKU 2022-23 Autumn
Chinese Language and Literature
CHIN2175 歷史比較語言學和漢語方言研究
Historical-Comparative Linguistics and Chinese Dialectology
IP Prof. Richard VanNess Simmons. HKU 2022-23 Spring
CHIN2188 近代漢語研究
Chinese Lexicon and Grammar from Late Tang to Early Qing
IP Dr. Zhao Ming. HKU 2022-23 Spring
CHIN1127 漢語語言學導論
Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
A Dr. Zhao Ming. HKU 2022-23 Autumn
CHIN1123 官話演進史
The Story of Mandarin
A Prof. Richard VanNess Simmons. HKU 2021-22 Spring
30690552 邏輯學基礎理論
Foundations of Logic
A+ Prof. Dag Westerståhl. THU 2022-23 Spring
30690562 模態邏輯及其應用
Modal Logic and its Applications
IP Dr. Jeremy Seligman. THU 2022-23 Spring

Selected MOOCs

* indicates specializations, whose dates of completion may differ from dates of certification, since I may forget to apply for the certifications after finishing affiliated courses.

Course / SpecializationOfferingDate of Completion
Building Cloud Services with the Java Spring Framework Vanderbilt | Coursera Jan 19th, 2023
Full Stack Web Development with Angular* HKUST | Coursera Jan 2nd, 2023
IELTS Preparation* UCI | Coursera Jan 1st, 2023
Applied Machine Learning in Python UMich | Coursera Dec 25th, 2022
Full-Stack Web Development with React* HKUST | Coursera Dec 20th, 2022
Parallel, Concurrent, and Distributed Programming in Java* Rice | Coursera Jun 16th, 2022
Java Programming PKU | Coursera Jun 15th, 2022
Discrete Mathematics Generality PKU | Coursera Jun 5th, 2022
Programming Languages, Part C UW | Coursera Jun 4th, 2022
Programming Languages, Part B UW | Coursera Mar 16th, 2022
Programming Languages, Part A UW | Coursera Feb 25th, 2022
Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding* UMich | Coursera Feb 8th, 2022