Default: University of Hong Kong
Autumn 2021
  • CAES1000 Core University English
  • CCST9003 Everyday Computing and the Internet
  • CUND9002 Practical Chinese and Hong Kong Society 實用中文與香港社會
  • ENGG1310 Electricity and Electronics
  • ENGG1330 Computer Programming I
  • MATH1853 Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics
Spring 2022
  • CCCH9051 Digitizing Cultural Heritage in Greater China
  • CHIN1123 The Story of Mandarin 官話演進史
  • COMP2120 Computer Organization
  • ENGG1300 Fundamental Mechanics
  • ENGG1340 Computer Programming II
  • MATH1851 Calculus and Ordinary Differential Equations
Autumn 2022
  • CHIN1127 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics 漢語語言學導論
  • COMP2119 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
  • COMP2121 Discrete Mathematics
  • COMP2396 Object-Oriented Programming and Java
  • COMP3322 Modern Technologies on World Wide Web
  • ENGG1330 Computer Programming I (Student TA)
  • LING1000 Introduction to Language
  • SIC-06 AI and Robotics: An Introduction (StuCo Instructor)
Spring 2023
  • CHIN2175 Historical-Comparative Linguistics and Chinese Dialectology 歷史比較語言學和漢語方言研究
  • CHIN2188 Chinese Lexicon and Grammar from Late Tang to Early Qing 近代漢語研究
  • COMP2113 Programming Technologies / ENGG1340 Computer Programming II (Student TA)
  • COMP3235 Compiling Techniques
  • COMP3259 Principles of Programming Languages
  • LING2003 Semantics: Meaning and Grammar
  • LING2060 Languages of China
Virtual Exchange @ Tsinghua University
  • 30690552 Foundations of Logic 邏輯學基礎理論
  • 30690562 Modal Logic and Its Applications 模態邏輯及其應用
Autumn 2023
  • CCST5037 Mathematics: A Cultural Heritage (Online)
  • LING2040 Languages in Contact (Online Audit)
  • LING2058 Topics in Cantonese Linguistics (Online Audit)
Exchange @ National University of Singapore
  • CL2101 The Chinese Script: History and Issues 中國文字學
  • CL2102 Chinese Phonetics 漢語語音學
  • CL3210 The Grammars and Lexicons of the Chinese Dialects 漢語方言語法和詞彙
  • CS2113 Software Engineering & Object-Oriented Programming
  • CS4211 Formal Methods for Software Engineering
  • EE4204 Computer Networks
Virtual Exchange @ Tsinghua University
  • 30690524 Logic, Language and Philosophy 邏輯、語言與哲學
  • 40690952 Logic, Computation and Games 邏輯、計算和博弈
Spring 2024
  • COMP2113 Programming Technologies / ENGG1340 Computer Programming II (Student TA)
  • COMP3252 Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • COMP3270 Artificial Intelligence
  • COMP3314 Machine Learning
  • COMP3316 Quantum Information and Computation
  • COMP3317 Computer Vision
  • COMP3351 Advanced Algorithm Analysis (Audit)
  • LING2027 Phonology: An Introduction to the Study of Sound Systems
Virtual Exchange @ Universidad de Chile
  • CMON471-306 Curso Monográfico (History of Art: Chilean Heritage)
Virtual Exchange @ Nagoya University
  • LASGL1901E Special Mathematics Lecture (Graph Theory) 数学特別講義 (Graph Theory)
Summer 2024
  • COMP3413 Research Internship
  • LING2050 Grammatical Description
Virtual Exchange @ Korea University
  • ISC356 Big Data Analytics / COSE471 Data Science 데이터과학
Virtual Exchange @ University of Science and Technology of China
  • ENG01 Basic English Writing 基礎英語寫作